Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hi! this is Bernardita and today is the 17th of August. I'm here right now in my Cafe class with Junita Lyon, our teacher. We are serving for lunch hamburgers with bacon, egg and beetroot. We also have apple and banana fritters with ice cream. Of course, we do prepare vegetarian foods for our vegan clients, there are two of them most of the time. They can have the VG or the vegetarian burger and the apple and banana fritters for lunch today. We only charged 3 bucks each for each menu that we prepare which is very reasonable enough coz you can't have this price for a good lunch in any take away food at the shops elsewhere. And for today also I got the orders from people in the office like Ray, Narrel, Denise and Jenny, they're nice....have to go, it's almost lunch time and we have to start cooking what we have prepared beforehand early this morning....bye....see you next week.
Junita took photos of us today with David while we were working in the kitchen and she said she's going to post this in our blog next week, oh! that would be exciting....looking forward to it...