Sunday, October 25, 2009

26th October 2009

Hi! I'm Bernardita,I'm here at our Cafe Class with Karen, Lania.David and our teacher Junita. Today, in our menu we prepared two kinds of triangles; Spinach with Fetta and Bacon with Mushroom. These triangles are served with Scallop Potatoes and Salad.
For dessert we made Apple Strudels.

Each of us were given a recipe from Junita to work on, to achieve our menu for the day. I was assigned to do the Bacon and Mushroom Triangles. Lania made the Spinach and Feta triangles, while Karen cooked up a beautiful scallop potatoes. we all helped to make the salad and the Apple Strudel.

Before we could start, Junita and us students went through the recipes of what we had to do and made sure we understood everything. Ingredients were provided for us,to make the meals.
With Junita supervising us and giving us direction so we won't go wrong.

First thing first, I sliced the bacon as in as possible, then I did the same with the other ingredients: garlic, spring onions ans parsely. I didn't need to slice the mushrooms anymore since they were already the sliced ones in pack at the shop. I cooked the bacon first by frying it a little bit in a pan with margarine then the mushrooms and last were the spring onions and the parsely. We let it cool in a bowl before adding Fetta cheese and grated cheese. We didn't add salt or any other seasoning because the cheese and bacon did that or else the dish would come out salty. Anyway. the dish came out beautifully...and making the Filo pastry triangles was have to be very careful to do it with light fingers so they won't break. Well, we were successful in that aspect but maybe next time we'll be an expert in doing that, but we're doing good...we'll get there. We also have some additional sort of assessment today in Food Hazard and some evaluation in Team Work.