Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hi my name is karen
Today we have fun to make chistmas cake for my family.
It looks good and nice to eat.
Today is the last cafe class for 2009
I will see you next year
Hello everyone, it is our last day in the kitchen for this year; we are going to have a break and then come back next year. Today we cooked Christmas cake for each of us to bring home. It is very nice of the school to let us do that. We did some cleaning up too and everything is in good order now.

I personally have a good time in the kitchen and learn a lot about cooking. It makes my life easier in the kitchen at home... I would like to thank Junita and my colleagues for a good team work. I am happy and look forward to coming back next year.

I thank Community College for giving me an opportunity to join the class. See you soon and meanwhile I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

7th October 2009

Hi, it's me Bernardita. Today is our last day for the Cafe Class for this school year 2009. We didn't serve food today but instead, we prepared Christmas fruit cakes for ourselves. Oh, they were all yummy. Mine had a little crack on top but it still looks good. Junita said, maybe I had put a little bit sugar into it. Well, I can always improve my fruit cakes the next time I'll prepare some comes Christmas Day. What matters is we prepared it ourselves and we can do it again anytime...isn't that great?

Last Friday, we had our Christmas Party at the Oak Tree Restaurant. For a change, we had dinner at a Cafe, not the usual things we do in class. The food was great and we enjoyed it very much especially that we don't have to clean dishes to wash.

This coming Friday, we'll be having our presentation. Each of us will receive our certificates. Kudos to all of us! See you next year...bye.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hi my name is karen
Today i made some pancakes and they look good.
The rest of the food is great and nice to eat.
Today is the last cafe day for the year but we will be catering next week for our presentation day.
Bye for now
30th November 2009

Hi, I'm Bernardita and I'm happy to be back always in our Cafe Class. It's a good day, a little bit cold but a respite from the very hot days early this week. I just love this kind of weather and a quiet day too, no drama at all. It didn't take us long to prepare the menu for today: Pancake with Mushrooms and Boiled Eggs; Vol Au Vents with Chicken and Asparagus; Bread and Butter Pudding; and Greek Salad. I did the White Sauce for both the Chicken and was beautiful. The secret there is not to burn the sauce, mix it well and see to it that there are no lumps. Junita, our teacher wasn't feeling well today so she just made us all the cooking, but no worries, everything came out all beautiful. By the way, our Christmas Party will be on Friday, 4th of November at Oak Tree Restaurant. For a change, we will not be cooking but we'll be having dinner there, Oh, isn't that great? That's all for now, see you net week...bye.
Good morning! How are you doing? It's a nice Monday for being in the kitchen and today is our last cafe day for this year. No wonder it is a bit quiet today. Well, we will see you again next year. We look forward to serving you better.

We are having a Christmas Party on Friday, 4th December 2009 at 12.30 at Oak Tree and that will be the last day we are together. It is sad, however we do need a break. So I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hi my name is karen
Today i made some tuna roulade.
it was nice to eat it tasted good.
i have had so much fun making it.
23rd November 2009

Hi, I'm Bernardita. For our Cafe class today, we prepared Tuna Roulade,Vegetable Stack, Pancakes with Jam and Cream, Chocolate, Nut and Date Torte, Rice Salad and Potato Salad. I was assigned to do the Vegetable Stack from the start up to the finish. The first thing I did was to prepare the dough for the Lebanese bread which were then fried. They were arranged layer by layer in a round baking dish with the following fillings: taco sauce, shredded cheese, stir fried red and green capsicum with onions, baked eggplant, sliced tomatoes and mushrooms.then, it was baked and oh, it really was beautiful...I can do it again at home, no worries about it.
By the way, we did a catering job last Saturday, the 21st of November. Our teacher Junita, asked Lania and I if we could help her do the catering for her former boss of this Community College. We had a good time, we enjoyed doing it, preparing food for about 18 people for a birthday party in Bruthen. It was fun and easy and it gave us a very good work experience. I like it very much, I enjoyed working with Junita and Lania and we earned 50 bucks each afterwards, very rewarding also. I ended asking Junita if she can have more catering jobs and I'm very much willing to give her a hand.
That's all for today...see you next week....
Hi, it is a beautiful Monday morning and here I am back in the ESL kitchen again. Today we are six people to prepare for the food and it will be very easy as everybody is helping each other. Yes, we have a good team work. Our main dishes are Tuna Roulade and Vegetable Stack; Pancakes with jam & cream and chocolate nut & date torte are the dessert. Another delicious food we cooked and you must try it to believe it, so we look forward to serving you next time.

In addition I would like to share my first experience to do the catering last Saturday. It was an 80th birthday party in Bruthen for about 15 people. My teacher, Junita asked me and my friend Bernardita to assist her and we were happy to help her anytime. The party was a success and I thank Junita to give us the experience.

See you next week,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello again, how are you today? I am good as always especially on Monday because I will be in the ESL kitchen. I will meet my friends and have fun with the cooking. Today we are only four people to prepare the food and it is all right as we will have simple food. There are not many customers either. Today we only have Spinach & Fetta Triangles, Bacaon & Mushroom Triangles served with scallop potatoes and salad. The feedback from the customers is good, it is delicious as usual...Oh I forget the is apple strudel. Now it is time to go home so I will surely see you again next week. Thank you and see you, Lania
26th October 2009

Hi! I'm Bernardita,I'm here at our Cafe Class with Karen, Lania.David and our teacher Junita. Today, in our menu we prepared two kinds of triangles; Spinach with Fetta and Bacon with Mushroom. These triangles are served with Scallop Potatoes and Salad.
For dessert we made Apple Strudels.

Each of us were given a recipe from Junita to work on, to achieve our menu for the day. I was assigned to do the Bacon and Mushroom Triangles. Lania made the Spinach and Feta triangles, while Karen cooked up a beautiful scallop potatoes. we all helped to make the salad and the Apple Strudel.

Before we could start, Junita and us students went through the recipes of what we had to do and made sure we understood everything. Ingredients were provided for us,to make the meals.
With Junita supervising us and giving us direction so we won't go wrong.

First thing first, I sliced the bacon as in as possible, then I did the same with the other ingredients: garlic, spring onions ans parsely. I didn't need to slice the mushrooms anymore since they were already the sliced ones in pack at the shop. I cooked the bacon first by frying it a little bit in a pan with margarine then the mushrooms and last were the spring onions and the parsely. We let it cool in a bowl before adding Fetta cheese and grated cheese. We didn't add salt or any other seasoning because the cheese and bacon did that or else the dish would come out salty. Anyway. the dish came out beautifully...and making the Filo pastry triangles was have to be very careful to do it with light fingers so they won't break. Well, we were successful in that aspect but maybe next time we'll be an expert in doing that, but we're doing good...we'll get there. We also have some additional sort of assessment today in Food Hazard and some evaluation in Team Work.
Hi my is karen
Today I made scalloped Potatoes and the look yum.
I also completed iassessment about the food production
system and the hazards that are there ialso compleled
a Team work
survey. i am hungry and looking forwasd to lunch.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

19TH oCTOBER 2009

Hi! I'm Bernardita and for today we prepared the following: Vegetarian Pasties, Meat Pasties, Banana Splits, Pasta Carbonara, Scalloped Potatoes, and of course the Tossed Vegetable Salad. It was fun because each one of us was made to prepare a dish. I was asked to prepare the Meat Pasties which came out beautiful. We were also asked to get the orders (I and Lania did it).That's it folks....have to sister paid me a visit here in school and we have to go to the shops...see you.


Hi my is karen
Today l made pasta Carbonara Bacon & mushroom and salad
scalloped. pasties vegetarian or meat look good and nice.
and Banana split and quit good.'s Monday and here we are in the ESL kitchen again. We have 6 people today to prepare all the food. Today's menus are Pasta Carbonara containing bacon & mushroom in it, Meat Pasties and Pasties for vegetarian. All will be served with salad and scalloped potatoes. For the dessert, we are going to enjoy Banana split served with ice cream, cream, nuts and chocolate topping. Sound good, isn't it? So if you miss to come today, you'd probably try our food next week. We'll see you then, meanwhile we hope you have a nice day. Take care and bye, Lania
Hi there its tracey here again today in cooking we made meat and vegie pasties, carbonara and tost salad. Today l did dishes and cleaning.Im glad to be back in cooking as l have alot of fun and meet alot of new people.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hi my is karen
Today i made pancakes it was very good and delicious so was the rest of food.


hey its jess and today in cafe we made stufted pankes with ricotta beef casserole in scones porcpines scalloped potatoes and for desert bread and butter pudding i eat the porcoines with scalloped potatotes and it was yummy to day a tv man came in and filmd the people working in the kitchen but i went out side because i didnt wanna be on tv shy lol i had good day thoe i like cooking cass .
12th October 2009

Hi! It's me again, Bernardita. For our Cafe Class today, we prepared Stuffed Pancake with Ricotta Cheese and Silverbeets, then we had Beef Casserole topped with scones, we also had Porcupines, Bread and Butter Pudding, Scalloped Potatoes, and Tossed Vegetable Salad. It was an exciting day we had in class today because media people from Channel 9 came around quarter past eleven and got a video of us in class for the Community College advertisement on TV which will be shown sometime this November. It was fun and we enjoyed it...there were three of us in class and of course our teacher Junita. I guess, we all came out natural in our acting: Junita giving instructions, Lania serving meals on plates, Karen chopping up the oregano while I was cutting lemon for the salad dressing. They focused the camera though on the table not so much on our faces. Well, I just hope we'll see ourselves on TV even for only a split second, that would be great. The table setup that we did when people had already their meals was also taken a video and again I hope I would see myself there since I was around serving at that time. We had a different strategy in class today and it came out very good because it made our task easier that's why we were able to finish early.And everyone was also able to follow what the others were preparing. By eleven o'clock we were ready and already relaxed. Junita said, she had to make some modifications as suggested by the Office as a result of a student survey. This is all for now, see you next time.
It's Monday and I will always be here in the kitchen to do some cooking again. However today was a bit different because we have a shooting for TV ad to give a picture to viewers what we are doing here. Everything was going well and we hope we can see ourselves on TV!!! Now back to the food we have prepared today, we serve Porcupines (meatballs), stuffed pancake with ricotta, beef casserole, scalloped potatoes and bread & butter pudding for dessert. As usually they are lovely and you should try our food to prove it. So we will wait for you next week...Have a nice day!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hi my is karen

Today i made some egg and bacon pies. I was vary nice to eat it was good.
Hi, how are you? I feel good and am happy to come back to this class again. As soon as I stepped into the kitchen this morning, I could feel that it was going to be busy because our teacher, Junita has started to prepare things already. I quickly put on the apron and started to work...haha. It was a busy day as we received many orders unlike before. It was important to make sure that we had enough food for everyone and we did excellent job, everyone was happy with the food. We even had a taste a little bit of what we cooked today. I like them, Chicken Cacciatore, Bacon & Egg Pies, Ravioli and Home made Vanilla slices for dessert. They were nice. Thank you everyone and we will do better next week. See you then. Bye and have a nice day.
Cheers, Lania
5th October 2009

Hi! I'm Bernardita. We're back here at our Cafe Class after a two week school break.Oh, it was such a beautiful holiday, haven't gone to much places though but that break gave me enough time to practice cooking and preparing at home the different kind of recipes we did in class. I can confidently say now that I can make different kind of salads like the Vegetable salad, Rice salad, Couscous salad and Noodle salad. I also prepared at home Mexican rice and that it really came out beautifully. What I haven't tried yet are those foods that need baking since the oven at home doesn't work well, it's fan isn't working and we haven't fixed that yet. But I do love to try those recipes. This class also inspired me to plant vegetables in our garden because it's really fun picking fresh veggies in the garden for salad. Right now, we have lettuce, cabbage, celery. broccolli, cauliflower, tomatoes, snow peas, eggplant, chillies, capsicum, climbing beans, cucumber, pumpkin, squash all growing well in our garden. We also have strawberries and different kinds of herbs like mint, oregano, thyme, tarragon, parsely, dill, sage, lemon grass and chives. For today, we prepared Bacon and Egg Pies,Home made Vanilla slices, Ravioli and Chicken Cacciatore. Each order comes with Mexican rice, couscous salad, noodle salad, and Tossed Vegetable salad. I got to prepare the Ravioli and I guess I can do it at home. The Bacon and Egg Pies looked easy to prepare too. I might as well try it at home today after class so I won't forget how to do it. I missed Natalia today. She's absent, hope to see her next week. That's all for now, see you.....


hey im jessica and today we made chicken cattitore egg and bacon pie and raviioli and for desert we made villia slice yummy its our fist day back at school the holidays i justn hang witd mates slept ova skated im good at skating love dat n went down the street

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hi! I'm Bernardita and I'm here again at my ESL Cafe Class. I got to meet new classmates today: Karen and Lania. They were both nice. Actually, Lania is not new, she has only been on holiday and she's back. She's a Chinese
Hello again, I am Lania. I just came back from holiday and I missed the class. I am happy today to be back to the cooking class. This is my first day and I met a few new friends...that is great. I look forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks. Thank you and talk to you soon.
hi my name is jessica and today we made chicken wraps and toss salad ande a bean salsa and spinach frocattia i had to cut up the tomotos n spinitch n serve and take orders it was a good day all the food made me hungrey smelt grate and tasted good to my favorite was chicken wrap
My name is karen
I did some copping wiht some veg and made some for the lunch and tasy good.
it was graet fun.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hi! I'm Bernardita and I'm a student here at the Cafe Class. Today, the 7th of September 2009, we prepared and served the following food: Chicken and Leek Pie, Pesto and Spinach Lasagne, Chocolate Date and Nut Torte, Couscous Salad, Vegetable Salad (lettuce, snow peas, parsely, avocado, tomatoes, carrot etc.) and Broccoli and Bacon Salad. Megan from TAFE attended our Cafe Class as a volunteer. We had a good time as always. We learned how to prepare the kind of foods we served on would be an understatement if I would say this cooking class is's superb...bye....see you...
hi im meagan im a assisiting in the cooking class as a volunteer. it has been a very good first day it was very busy but it went quick cause the students worked well as a team and helped each other out.


hi its jessica and today we made chicken leek pie and spiniche pesto lasagne and we did three sets of salads and the desert was a chocolate pav and we did some wedges. overall it was a great day we had a lot of orders and we severed them in good timeing.
Hi its tracey here again at the cafe.
We had a good time today at cooking.
We cooked chicken pie lasagne with pesto and chocolate torte.
The lasagne with pesto and chocolate torte were beatiful you should try it out.
l helped pre food and did alot of dishes.

from Natalia :)

Hi i am Natalia ... and i say thank you very much ..... we cook today Chicken pie and Lasagne with Pasta and Chocolate torte was tasty and nice ... :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


G'day everyone!
today in the kitchen we made chinese food, which is my favourite food so i had alot of fun learning how to cook it. i prepared and cooked the beef and blackbean, helped out with the dishes and made us students a chocalate milkshake each, they were really yum! l8az...


No Kerrie today and we still cooked up a storm... of Chinese Food... yum in my tum ;actually I have not stopped all morning: chopping lots of vegies for fried rice ,sweet and sour pork,and black bean beef. Another fun day!
Rosie today i chopped snow paes .
Today in the cafe we made chinese.I made chicken and corn soup and washed the dishers. The food taste beautiful.Ibet everyone will enjoy it.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hi, I'm Bernardita...I'm here in my Cafe Class. We prepared Frittata, Foccasia, Carbonara, Cous Cous Salad, Carrot, Celery and Apple juice and for the dessert, we have Swiss Roll. I got to prepare the dessert and what I learned is to get it easy with folding th mixed egg whites, egg yolks and flour. Though the roll turned out a little bit hard due to heavy or overfolding, it was still okay. We managed to make it alright and it was just beautiful. I really enjoyed being in this class. We have a new classmate today, Natalia, a Russian, she is gorgeous. See you next time...bye...


I am Natalia, I like my first class in ESL Cafe Community College very much...... And i will come here again and again..... :) Thank you very much..... :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hi! I'm Bernardita and I'm here in my Cafe Class. Today is Monday, the 24th of August. With me are David and Jessica. Tracy's not coming today and so is Bill. For the menu, we prepared Tuna Roulade, Tiramisu, and Bacon stuffed Potatoes and of course not to forget the Vegetable Salad that comes with the main dish. They all come out lovely. and I reckon our customers are very much satisfied with the food we prepared. In fact we kept on preparing additional salad because the customers just kept on coming, and aside from the regular diners we had, we got some new ones and that's good. it will keep the business going. That's why I always enjoy this do not only learn to prepare new recipes but just being around and be part of this community is really fantastic. Well. see you next week....bye....
hello its jessica to day in the kitchen i final wore uniform to class the teacher was proud of me and toke photos lol its cool shes real nice lady then grate to get a long with any way to day we are maken roulade stuffed potatoe with bacon its will be yummy maken me hungrey thinking about it lol

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hi! this is Bernardita and today is the 17th of August. I'm here right now in my Cafe class with Junita Lyon, our teacher. We are serving for lunch hamburgers with bacon, egg and beetroot. We also have apple and banana fritters with ice cream. Of course, we do prepare vegetarian foods for our vegan clients, there are two of them most of the time. They can have the VG or the vegetarian burger and the apple and banana fritters for lunch today. We only charged 3 bucks each for each menu that we prepare which is very reasonable enough coz you can't have this price for a good lunch in any take away food at the shops elsewhere. And for today also I got the orders from people in the office like Ray, Narrel, Denise and Jenny, they're nice....have to go, it's almost lunch time and we have to start cooking what we have prepared beforehand early this morning....bye....see you next week.
Junita took photos of us today with David while we were working in the kitchen and she said she's going to post this in our blog next week, oh! that would be exciting....looking forward to it...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hi! I'm Bernardita and we've just finished with our food preparations for today the 10th of August 2009. We have silverbeet lasagne, pancake with mushrooms, rice salad, noodle salad, vegetable salad and passion fruit custard. It's fantastic that rice which is our staple food back home in the Philippines can be made into salad. it's really beautiful and easy to prepare. We just boiled the rice, then when it was cooked, we add the diced zucchini and let it cool for a while. Afterwhich, we add lemon juice and ground pepper, and also tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, pickled olives, and parsley. I'll have to prepare this again when I get home so I'll not forget how to do it. The noodle salad was also wonderful and easy to prepare as well. We just mixed in there mayonnaise and curry powder and again the vegetables that we used in the other salads. I didn't expect also that we can prepare pancake with mushroom and bacon stuffings and just roll it like what we do in spring rolls. Monday is always something I looked forward to coz I really enjoyed cooking and learning new recipes. See you next week......and by the way, we have a new classmate today, a young lad, his name is Billy...bye....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hi, it's me again, Bernardita. Today is the 3rd of the 8th 2009. We didn't prepare dine in tucker for today. Instead, we had take out pizza but it was good. I enjoyed so much the session today but I always do. I had fun and much learning to speak of from the preparation up to the finish. Junita, our teacher always sees to it that we get hands-on for every menu we prepared. So, from the mixing of the yeast with warm water to the kneading of the dough and watch it rise, it was beautiful. Then, we had to slice the vegetables thin like the onions, bell pepper, olive and mushrooms. The most exciting one is when we get to arrange the toppings on the crust one after the other: Pasta sauce first, then the Parmessan cheese, onions, olives, green and red bell pepper, mushroom, diced pineapple, and the meat on top (kabana, salami and ham). We served the pizza on plates with fresh vegetable salad which we gathered from the garden dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, pepper and minced garlic....that was beautiful...see you next Monday.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hi! I'm Bernardita, I'm from the Philippines. I've just been here for a month and five days to be exact today, the 19th of July 2009. I'ts my second time to attend this class and I had a great time and I enjoyed it a lot. Our teacher is Junita and she is gorgeous. She is a Masterchef in her own right coz I can see she really is a wizzard in the kitchen. Like today, we made boiled fruit cake, potato salad with bacon, salad dressing, noodle curry salad, tossed salad, sausages for barbecue, and veggie patties..... and they all come out beautifully. The first time I attend this class, there were only three of us: me, Jessica, and David. Today, we had another classmate, Tracy. I guess this is all for today, we're done early, but I'm really looking forward to next week's session and I'm excited about it coz learning is so much fun, see you.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Facilitators Report

We are all proud and pleased to see Robert & Gianna become owner/ managers of Bairnsdale Darrel Lea Chocolates we wish them the best.
Congratulations also to Meimy Tong on her employment at Foodworks in Lakes Entrance we will miss you all.
Well done
Junita Lyon
my name is daivd l am the only male in this cafe now Robert Basso has bought the darrell lea now l can visit him for a coffee.
hi im jessica and i have bjust joined the esl cafe because its more quiter and ill learn more to day i cut mashrooms up and craked and beated eggs to make a egg and bacon Quiche
Today in the class we are all working hard. There is Junita, myself, David and Jessica... Vicky is having 3 weeks off while Lania is away for three months in Queensland.

Today is a very relaxed day, I have made my salad and are now updating the blog while listening to the radio station.

This week I am going to do some of my Library work and some for Multimedia, I am heading to Melbourne on Friday for the Emerging Writers Festival.

I am looking forward to seeing Akmal on Wednesday and then see my friend Sammy J on Sunday; during the festival.

Thats all from me,


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello, how are you? Today's menu is Asian dishes as we are going to have Dumpling, Beef Noodle and Spring Rolls. It is gonna be different but I can guarantee the food is still tasty. We need more time to cook them, however we manage to get them ready for lunch. Enjoy your meal and see you next time.


Asian food

Today in the kitchen we are cooking Asian food. We are cooking Dumplings, Spring Rolls and Beef Noodle.

The smells in the kitchen are really nice and yum.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Lania here and I would like to write about our activity in the ESL kitchen today, 11 May 2009. Only three students did the cooking and yet we were alright, everything was going well. It seems that we are getting better and better...haha. We prepare beautiful and tasty dishes and everybody is happy. How do I know? Of course first we need to taste it to make sure it is good and secondly we get compliments from our customers that they enjoy the lunch. Hope this ESL Cafe will keep contributing its service to the community. Today's healthy menus are Lamb Shank & Barley Soup, Sausage Rolls, Cannelloni and Honey Tart. Thanks for coming and I will see you again next time. Have a nice day! Cheers...
Hi , We made Lamb shank& Barley Soup and Cannelloni(Spinach and Ricotta) and Sausage Rolls and Honey and Ricotta Tart for today class .
I've made Honey and Ricotta Tart, It's quite easy to made, I've learn many Australia's cooking skill , I'm very happy to do it .
Today we arer cooking Soup, Cannelloni, Sausage Rolls and a Tart. I can't wait till I can try a bit of food.

Yesterday was Mothers Day; I went down to Lakes to my uncles and had a nice dinner.

I have the Comedy Festival Roadshow to go to on Thursday - I am looking forward to it.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hi my name is Tracey I have just joined the Esl cookery class on a Monday
Today l pealed pototes ond chopped up some leeks for soup.
l helped with making toast salad.
l did some waitering and then went on to washing drying and cleaning up
Today we made a wide varity of foods.

The food is really good.

Cooking day is here again and today there are 6 persons coming and it does make the work easier. Love it... everybody is helpful so we could do the cooking faster and we have plenty time to rest till lunch time. ESL Cafe will be serving Leek and Potato Soup, Bacon & Egg Quiche, Stuffed Chicken Legs, Mushroom & Corn Filled Pancakes and Homemade Vanilla Slice. Have to go now, to serve the guests... Enjoy your lunch and see you next time.

Hi , Is Vicky again , Today we had 3 Main Course : Bacon & Egg Quiche which is I made , Stuffed Chichen leg and Mushroom & Corn filled Pancakes and Homemade Vanilla Slice .
We are making the food very fast , I think we are becoming profesional cook .

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hi, how are you today? It's a cool day, isn't it? and yet it does not stop us to come to our ESL Cafe as we know that we will learn something new again in the kitchen. I feel more confident now to cook variety of food. For lunch today we will have Minted Pumpkin Soup, Shepperd Pie, Mushroom Cups, Sumac and Spinach Pastries, Butterscotch Self Saucing Pudding. It seems that there are not many orders but they might come a bit later. It is almost time to serve so I will stop here and talk to you again next time. Have a nice day and take care.

Warm regards,
Winter is come early , It's cold this morning ! Today Janita teach me how to make Pastry ,It's really easy to make the Pastry , my young sister like the Pastry on the top of the top of the soup , so when I go to US to visit her I can make her favourite soup ! We also making Butterscotch Pudding for desert and Sheppard pie and Mushroom cups and Pumkin Soup with Mint .


In the kitchen today........

Today we are cooking Shepards Pie, Mushrrom Pie, Minted Pumpkin Soup and Sumac with Spinach Pastries. For pudding we have a Butterscotch Self Sausing.

I am heading off to Melbourne again Thursday to go to Victoria University to learn about video making; I am looking forward to it.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hi , Is Vicky again , We had a Easter holiday for 2 weeks , I went to Sydney enjoy my friend 50 years marriaged anniversary , It's a big party about 400 peoples , they served the food average , But I really had a good time there !
I'm happy come back to the kitchen class again . Today I was cooking spaghetti , I got all the ingredients It's really taste good after I down , also we have roast pork and quiche's and Mousse for dessert .

Vicky 20/04/2009

Holidays and Back to Cafe

Hello - Tansy here.

Today on the menu is Roast Pork and Vegies, Quice and Spag Bol; with Choc Moose for pudding.

It is the first day back from the holidays and luckily for me; so far we have four orders.

We have just come back from two weeks holiday and I am still tired. Over the holidays I went to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival; first for 5 days and then again this weekend just gone for one night. In total I saw 15 shows... and caught up with a few comedians and comedy buddies throughout the festival.

As part of ny course here at the Community Cafe; we are learning to work in a team. Team work is very inportant in any situation but specificlly a kitchen. Without team-work in a kitchen everything would fall apart. When working in a kitchen it is important to explain to the other people what is going on; verbal communication is vital. If you do not communicate things could get misheard, misunderstood or even fogotten about completely. To ensure meals get out on time, instructions are given clearly and productiveness comes out of the kitchen it is a good idea to re-tell what you heard and verify that what you did here was correct.

My comedy festival could not have happened if it wasn't for co-ordination, negotiation and teamwork. My friend and I arrived 2 days before our Tassie buddy joined us; we had figured out roughly what we were doing and what times we were meeting. However; with a storm and Jetstar being what is it - unpredictable, we had to update what would take place as times changed. Also once we hit the festival my friend and I looked at the guide and worked in some "extra" gigs that fitted in to our already "packed" line-up.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hi : Is Vicky again ! Today the kitchen has been booked , We went out with our teacher Junita having a industry visit , We went to a new open Cafe shop "Paper Chase" they sell books too , the atmosphere is very good but the price is very expensive ! I like to go out to visit all the Cafe shop and restaurants , see what's the different of the decoration and all the equipment of the shop .
It's a cloudy day ! but we are looking forward next week cooking class to make some gourmet food with Junita....

30/mach/2009 Vicky
It's a cool Monday, 30 March 2009. It's our last day in the ESL kitchen actually before school holidays, however we have been just informed that somebody else will use our kitchen. A little bit disappointed though as last week we have decided to have Roast Pork and Spaghetti Bolognaise today. We want to cook these food for ages...??? My mouth is watering now as I imagine it... No worries, be happy...there is always another time, isn't it? Hence we walked to a nearby new cafe 'Paper Chase' for an industry visit and had some coffee and tried a couple of cakes...not bad. After some time we walked back to the college with full stomach..., we enjoyed our relaxing time together. Now good bye and I will see you again next time. Have a nice day!
Best regards, Lania

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello again, it's Lania here to write a little bit about what we are going to cook in the ESL Kitchen today. The class has 6 students and this morning we found out that only 3 students came while the other two decided to quit the class due to personal reasons and one student excused. Due to limited personnels, Monday cafe will not be open for public anymore but college students and staff. However, with 3 students plus our very experienced teacher, we can surely still manage to prepare and serve not only healthy but also delicious lunch meals as usual. And today's menus are Sweet Potato Pie, Egg and Bacon Muffin and Baked Rice Custard and Salad is always in the menu. We'd better go back to the kitchen now as lunch time is approaching. I will see you again next Monday with different menus. Take care and have a beautiful day!
Hollo : This is Vicky ! Today It's a cloudy day , we lost 2 members at the cooking calss , now we have 3 member in the class that's a litter be sad....but we still happy to making the food .
Today we are making Baked Rice Custard for dessert , It's is simple to maked, the teacher said that is most popluar dessert in Australia.
We also maked Egg and Bacon Mjuffins and Sweet potato pie .
I've learn how to make Egg Bacon Muffins today, It's realy yummy !

Tansy here....

Today we cooked, bacon and egg muffins, sweet potato pie and rice custard pudding.

I helped make the toss salad.

There are only three of us in the class now. I am enjoyimh it very much, it is helping me figure out how I can manuver my way around a kitchen like a pirate (I only have use of one hand.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

We were back again in the kitchen today.The good thing is we were not in rush because we didn't have the cafe.So we just be relax and enjoyed the cooking without thinking about serving the customers.

We made cheese cake,pavlova and quiches and they would be offered to the people on Harmony Day.We have done the cooking very well.I'm sure people will like them.Unfortunately I will not come in the kitcehn on the Harmony day.I am working on Wednesday.So I will not have a chance to see people giving a compliment for what we do.Never mind, I would hear the story from other friends who will come to the special occasion.

I think this cooking class is very good for the students especially the migrants who didn't know much about Aussie food and really want to learn it and it would help them to settle down in Australia.I really feel the benefit for what we do here.Now I can talk about the Aussie food with my Aussie friends and feel involve with their conversation.

I need to go for my shopping soon, I will share my story in the kitchen again next week...
Meimy Tong.
Hello everyone, it is Monday and here we are in the ESL Cafe kitchen again. Today our Cafe will not be open, however we are preparing foods to be served on wednesday, the Harmony Day in Australia. I think we made enough foods as we are expecting many people to come on the day to celebrate this wonderful day. We know that Australia is a place where people from all over the world live harmoniously and it is a good thought to have such a special day. Vegetables Quiche, Pavlova and Cheese Cake will certainly make everybody happy and enjoyable so don't miss it, see you then. Now it is time for me to go back home and I wish you have a nice day and bye now...
Hi : Today we are prepared a lots of food for Harmony day on Wednesday .
We are making six Quiches and three cheese cakes and Pavlova .
The teacher already taught us how to make them , so it is easy for us to do all the
preparation, there's a lot of cutting washing and cleaning. everybody was working
hard, when the food has been done, we feel very hungry because the food smell so good !
I'll come on Wed to help serving the guests .I wish the weather will be beautiful ! I see you
there.... Bye Bye
Vicky 16/03/2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello, my name is Mirjam. It's monday the 2nd of March and I had cooking lessons with the other students. I enjoyed the lesson very much. We made 6 differents recipes.
* Bacon/egg quiche
* Vegetable quiche
* Meat pies
* Spring rolls
* Cheese cake (Lemon)
* Scones

I had made the scones and the meat pies. They were delicious. The other recipes were also delicous. The customers enjoyed there meals very well. It was also the birthday of Jeanita.
We had have some birthdaycake from a student from Jeanita, which was very lovely from her to bake the cake for Jeanita.

Mirjam Eizinga, 2nd of March 2009
Hi : My name is Vicky Matthews , today in the cooking class we have made 4 diffrent cuisines, I have made my favourite cheese cake and egg guiche, I am very enjoy today's cooking ,also today is our iron cooking teacher Junita's Birthday wish her Happy all the time and all the best !

Vicky Matthews 02/03/2009
Hello,I am meimy.Today we were back again in the kitchen.We tried some new recipes.The recipes are:
Bacon + eggs quiche
Vegetable quiche
Meat pies
Spring rolls

We had very happy time and all the students were very excited learning the cooking.
There were many customers today.Look like they always enjoy our cooking.Hopefully we would be better,better and better again.

Hi, it's me again, Lania. It's beautiful Monday, the right weather for me and I am ready to cook now. Today we are quite busy, we are having Bacon & Egg and Vegetable Quiche, Meat Pies, Spring Rolls and Cheese Cake. As usual we will have salad and coleslow. I am preparing Spring Rolls, Australian way. It is tasty and hope everyone likes it too. Thank you and see you next week with different foods. Bye.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hi, my name is Tansy - I am a dinky-di Aussie chick. I have lived in Bairnsdale for the past 5 years, before then I was in Lakes Entrance.

I have been to New Zealand 5 times and want to move to Hobart in Tasmania.

Currently I am 21 years old, and learning to drive.

I am a student at Box Hill Institute studing Diploma of Library Services off-campus. I am also learning to cook in the ESL class on a Monday and a Friday.

Later on in life I'd love to work in the entertainment industry managing a comedian. I love going to see comedy shows and am attending the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year for a week.

That's it now,

Tansy Bradshaw
Hi, my name is Lania Stevens. I moved to Australia from Indonesia in January 2006. I live with my husband, Robert Stevens in Lakes Entrance, Victoria since then. I joined a Migrant English Class at Community College in Bairnsdale in October 2008 on Thursdays and Fridays. However since I am also participating in Cooking Class on Mondays this year, I only come to the English Class on Fridays. I enjoy both classes and I do not only learn new things as they go, I make many friends. They are from many different countries including Australia and they are all very nice people. I feel welcome and I feel happy to be in this country.
Hi : My name is Vicky Matthews , I 'm come from Taiwan, I've been to Australia for 10 years . I do enjoy cooking very much , I wish in this class that I can learn many diffrent countries Cusine .
Hi, my name is Meimy Tong.I am living in Lakes Entrance Australia.
I was born in Indonesia and just moved to Australia since November 2005.
I go to Bairnsdale Community College every Monday to learn cooking.
I am very excited every time I learn a new recipe.It is lots of fun.

I learn lots of things about cooking.The first day we learnt about Safe food handling.It is very important course before we start to cook and do the preparations.Now I know how to avoid the food contaminating that can cause illnesses.

I like many kinds of cuisines from many countries.
when I was living in Indonesia I always went out for dinner and tried lots of kinds of food from many countries but I didn't know how to cook them.At the time I was very busy every day so I hadn't got time to cook.

I usually buy the recipe books from e bay or any providers.
The best cook book that I have got now is Complete Asian cook book by Charmaine Salomon.She was born in Srilanka and has been living in Australia quite a long time.What I like from her book is easy to find the ingredients and very simple explanations and easy to follow the steps.I tried many kinds of the recipes from her book and invited some friends to try and all of them said the meals were very nice and they reckoned some of them had a better flavours than in the restaurants ones.

I learnt how to make tuna roulade and stuffed baked potatoes last week.They are very good recipes.My husband and some friends like them very much.Awesome,I have become a better cook than I was before.

Those all things that I can share with all of you today.

Meimy Tong.
I'm Mirjam Eizinga from the Netherlands. I moved to Australia with my husband and my two children. We arrived in Australia on the 28 th of October 2008.
The names of my children are Niels and Lucas. They are eight and four years old. Niels go's to Bairndale Primary School "754". He is in grade 2.
Lucas go's to kindergarden for two days a week. My husband is a painter, he works with Newdeck. I have Englisch lessons for two days a week. On the Mondays I have cooking lessons and on the Fridays I have Englisch lessons in class.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Esl students to "Community College Cafe"
During 2009 we will document and photograph your achievements

Students will shop ,prepare and serve food to the public every Monday
I look forward to working with you all and developing a productive working environment
Junita Lyon
Cafe Facilitator